Laura Kane Scher is the married mother of two children, Lucy and Oliver. An accomplished documentary photographer, graphic designer and photo restorer,  Laura studied photography for 12 years at the renowned Film in the Cities program and worked in the photo department at the Star Tribune for 12 years. She has also studied with photo legend Mary Ellen Mark.

A St. Paul native and the youngest child in a large family, Laura has a deep appreciation for the complexities of childhood and knows exactly how to capture the moods and realities of children. "They are small people with large emotions,'' Laura says and she works instinctively to chronicle all the feelings children have. Often those feelings are not captured by parents because they tend to want children to appear perfect in pictures. Laura's philosophy is to spend time with children in familiar surroundings and let the child's world unfold in front of her. She likes to live amongst the child's world to record children as they really are. "Capturing the essence of who kids really are, letting them be free'' allows her to photographs to have a deeper meaning and understanding of the child and his or her family.

"Her work is driven by an aesthetic sophistication, but it always admits to the lie that is a photograph, to the randomness involved in even the most perfect photographer's world."

              -Andrew Solomon, New York author and National Book Award winner for "The Noonday Demon"