"I am not someone who likes to pose for photos. I can't stand the expectation that everyone look happy or put together. I don't want to try to get my kids to stop moving or squirming or crying just so we can capture a "cute" picture of them. However, I do want candid shots that capture their spirit and wide range of moods and emotions. That is why working with Laura has been such a blessing. She is patient, flexible, and good humored. She takes snapshots of our life without being obtrusive. And with two little girls who never stop moving, I am always impressed that Laura is able to click her shutter at so many ideal moments. I can not speak highly enough for this photographer and the way she goes about her business. Thank you Laura, thank you."                    

                                                                                           - Roderick McCulloch




"Laura came to our house to photograph our 10 day old baby girl. She spent hours with us- waited through feeding and fussing- and captured amazing photos that we will always have to remember how tiny she was! We love that Laura knew how to capture the natural state and personality of our baby-no posing needed. We are so grateful for her patience and willingness to work with us to get such perfect photos."

                                                                                                - Rebecca Brower


"I have had three photographers take pictures of my son to date and I think you have a wonderful ability to capture the nuances in a baby's face.  That incredible sense of wonder and love comes out in so many of the photos you took of him.  Whether it is a sideways glance, a giggle, or just looking off into the distance - I just see so many expressions that I do not ever want to forget, so I am grateful to have them captured on film.

You were also able to capture some lovely candid moments between my son and my husband - it isn't always easy to show the soft side of a man, and I can just see the big bowl of love my husband has become and it makes my heart hurt to see it.  Most photographers would not spend nearly as much time with us.   To have so many pictures in both black and white as well as color to choose from is quite a gift. "

                                                                                                       - Lauren Mehler




"We were introduced to Laura by a friend and boy are we glad the connection was made!   We feel so incredibly lucky to have met her!  She has a way of capturing the heart and spirit of our children and our family as a whole.  Despite brutally cold temps and a 2 hour outdoor shoot, Laura never lost her sense of humor and managed to somehow keep a 6 and 9 year old posing for the camera.  We look forward to working with her for many years to come!"

                                                                              - Aimée and David Dayhoff




"My son is an active 2 year old and Laura had the patience, eye and skill to capture some awesome photos of him in action!  She was able to catch his personality and it just shines through in the pictures- I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend Laura to anyone who is looking for a wonderful photo session!"

- Emma Hansen                                                                                                        




"Our photo session with Laura was wonderful. Laura is very easy to work with and she's very relaxed. She did an incredible job of capturing our children’s personalities and we were rewarded with some wonderful surprises. We would definitely use Laura again!" 

                                                                                          - Stephanie & Jay                                                                           



"Laura did a great job capturing the candid moments when my 3 year old's true personality was shining through. Rather than just capturing his face, the pictures captured his interests and unique expressions. She also took many beautiful pictures of our 3 month old and the little things we wanted to make sure we remember (like his little arm rolls :)). We are so happy with the results of our photo shoot, especially with the challenges of wrangling an active 3 year old, a baby, and a dog!"

                                                                                           - Julia Wing-Larson





"We have used Laura Kane Scher Photography before and we will again. She has a knack with kids as well as their eager parents. She is funny and patient and captures a person's essence not only their smile. We are beyond pleased with her rates and the speed of getting the finished product. We highly recommend her."

                                          -Jeffrey and Karen Bair



"Laura Scher has photographed our family and business for the last several years. Her work is exceptional.  Laura consistently creates beatiful images in the Studio as well as on location and with uncooperative subjects, like my children who do not sit still and who make strange faces.  Laura also sees and photographs memorable images in places that others might not. For us, she stole a minute to photograph our son against an architectural brick wall. I didn’t notice the opportunity and it took Laura only a moment, but it resulted in some of our favorite photos of our son who never stays still for us. He stayed still for Laura and smiled like he should.  

We feel lucky to know and work with Laura because she has gracefully captured and created some of our best family memories.  Use Laura and book early."

                                                                            -Kane and Christina Loukas



"Thanks for doing such a great job on our family photos, Laura! You were so helpful and accommodating. I know it's not easy to wrangle 3 little ones, but you did an amazing job with them and we all had a lot of fun. It was also really nice to have the option to use your studio as well as have you meet us outdoors or at home. I am really happy with the way the photos turned out....I will definitely be recommending you to friends."

                                                                                                                     -Jill Quinn





Laura is an amazing photographer. Her easy-going personality really resonated with our family (especially our very independent 3-year old) and made our photoshoots stress-free and fun. The photos she captured are uniquely 'us' and we love them. So glad to call Laura our family photographer!

                                                                                               -Brad and Anna Squibb     




We love using Laura for our family photos! With our busy teenagers, sitting for a long "boring" photo shoot is the last thing they want to do. Laura is so talented and creative, she doesn't need to take hours to get great shots. She's fun and relaxed, and we all end up having a great time. The end result are photos that are unique, gorgeous and capture who we really are as a family.

                           -Denny and Jennifer Bennett